As a family business founded in 1996 in the Caycuma region of Zonguldak, Turkey, Basak Tekstil has grown to be one of the Turkey's leading textile companies. Basak Tekstil has maintained its market leadership position by embracing its
core values. 

With its highly experienced team Basak Tekstil anticipates its customers’ needs, developing and delivering in-demand products and solutions accordingly. Basak Tekstil provides creative, innovative and high-quality products with a
flexible service approach.

Basak Tekstil serves its global customers in various countries with Business Development Centre / Warehouse in Istanbul,
as well as production facilities in Caycuma Zonguldak and Tosya Kastamonu, on a wholly owned enclosed area totalling 30.000 m2.

Basak Tekstil shapes its strategies around its vision, mission, and social values. The core components of its corporate strategic framework include: strong partnerships with the current customers and new ones, fostering a sustainability culture across the entire organisation, achieving growth, and maintaining well skilled human resources.



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